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Sam Nadler

Congregation Leader and Elder

Taylor David.jpg

David Taylor

Worship Leader, Cantor and Elder

Jenny Grant.jpeg

Jenny Grant

Children's Ministry Leader

As congregation leader and elder at Hope of Israel Congregation, I realize that my orthodox bar mitzvah never prepared me for what Messiah's grace has proven sufficient! And though my spiritual birthday is Jan 10, '72, I recognize I have further to go than I have thus far come, but I'm assured that Yeshua will never leave me nor forsake me, of which faithfulness is expressed through the loving community that I'm privileged to serve.


Since moving to Charlotte from Florida, and becoming a member of Hope of Israel Congregation in 1999, I have been blessed to fill the calling and responsibilities of Elder, Teacher, Worship Leader, and Cantor. It's a privilege and blessing to be able to serve with anointed and committed musicians, singers, and dancers in our worship and dance teams.

As one of the Z'keinim (Elders) at Hope of Israel, I am responsible for the direction and spiritual growth of our members, as well as overseeing our worship and prayer ministries, which include leading our weekly Shabbat and yearly High Holy Days services, and overseeing B'nai Mitzvah training. I am also a guitarist and songwriter, and have recorded several Messianic worship albums, which are focused towards congregational worship.


I have the honor and privilege of coordinating Children's Ministries activities at Hope of Israel Congregation. The team of over 50 volunteers provides children's classes at 9:30 and 11:00 every Shabbat and for all special services; an annual Purim carnival, Hannukah play and Summer Bible Shul; as well as Bar/Bat Mitzvah training, Hebrew lessons and Tuesday night classes.

Corrado Gary.jpg

Gary Corrado

Youth Ministry Leader

Gardner Barry.jpg

Barry Gardner

Discipleship Ministry Leader

Smith Michael.jpg

Michael Smith

Membership Ministry Leader and Immersion Coordinator

As Youth Ministry Leader, I am blessed to serve the teen aged community at Hope of Israel. Along with a dynamic team, we seek to challenge the youth to own their faith and "always be ready to make a defense of everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you" (1 Peter 3:15). We meet each Shabbat from 9:30AM until 10:30AM for a time of worship, prayer and studying the Word. Our monthly Chavurot and yearly retreat are always the best way to bond and build our youth community.


As the Discipleship Ministry Leader, I have the privilege and responsibility of helping the congregation in fulfilling Messiah's command to make disciples. The discipleship process enables believers to grow in their relationship with the Lord - walking in the Spirit and guided by the Word of G-d. In this way, a child of G-d won't be "tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine" (Ephesians 4:14).


As the Membership Ministry Leader, I have the honor of overseeing all matters related to the developing, equipping, and entrance of new members to align with Hope of Israel's mission to develop Messianic disciples who serve as witnesses to and of Israel (Matthew 28:18-21; Romans 1:16). As the Immersion Coordinator, I also have the privilege to help people share the testimony of immersion (baptism), which points to what was spiritually accomplished for them when they personally accepted salvation in Messiah Yeshua (Matthew 28:18-20; Romans 6:1-7).

Nadler Miriam.jpg

Miriam Nadler

Women's Ministry (Sisterhood) Leader

Hetzroni Henn.jpg

Henn Hetzroni

Men's Ministry (Brotherhood) Leader

Kuhr Tina.jpeg

Tina Kuhr

Outreach Ministry Leader

As the leader of the Women's Ministry at Hope of Israel, I help organize our Sisterhood gatherings, Scripture studies and several events, including an annual women's retreat. I am thankful to serve at Hope of Israel, often meeting with women one-on-one in my desire to help them grow deeper in the Word of G-d.


I am greatly blessed and honored to be the Men's Ministry Leader at Hope of Israel. Our desire is to encourage and build each other up, whilst serving the community, congregation and each other. Our goal is to continue to grow as godly men who step-up and be what G-d has created us to be; as husbands, fathers, friends and leaders both at home and in the community.


Yeshua's final command to His disciples was to "Go into all the world and proclaim the Good News to all creation" (Mark 16:15). Hope of Israel's Outreach Ministry exists to fulfill this very calling, and we do so through literature distribution on the streets of uptown Charlotte, at community events, and on college campuses. I am blessed to lead teams of volunteers who love to engage people in meaningful conversation about the most important subject of their lives: their relationship with G-d!